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Into the Unknown

Over the past few weeks, we have truly been walking into the unknown. Not only are people unsure about what is happening in the world with the progression of COVID-19, they are unsure about what is happening in their personal lives. Everyone has gone from being in a routine, what would be classed as normal everyday lives, to being in the unknown. Not knowing whether they will have a job to do by the end of the week, or whether they will be furloughed. For others their jobs have doubled in workloads meaning that they are seeing less of their families rather than more. Even the key workers have seen a shift within their work with the amount of fear and new rules and regulations that have come into effect.

On top of this there is so much conflicting information on social media and the internet, coupled in with the fake news about, it can be easy to let the stress, fear and anxiety of the situation weigh you down. But remember that we have a God that is all powerful, who is forever beside us and works all things for good.

Looking After Yourself

Many of us are not used to being asked to stay inside with interaction limited to the people in your household and reduced allowance of time outside. Without an end date in sight this can seriously affect your mental health and wellbeing without you even being aware of it. Below are a few helpful tips to protect both yourself and others:

  • Make sure to actively maintain and grow your relationships and friendships.

Yes, we know you can’t pop round to a friend’s house for a cup of tea and a catch up but that doesn’t mean can’t find some time to spend with them. There are some great apps out there; WhatsApp, Facebook, Zoom, Houseparty, FaceTime and more, which mean we can easily keep in touch. Make sure to pro-actively schedule in this time as it will help both parties out. Or randomly give someone a call, it could just be that one call that makes their day.

  • Keep to your routine

With the disruptions happening to your normal routine we know this can be difficult but keeping a routine as close to what you are used to will help. If work would normally start at 9, make sure you’re up dressed and ready for work at 9. If the school run is at half 8, have you and your child ready by this point. It’s easy to want to just lounge around in your PJs but the more of a routine you keep the more it will help both mentally and help the return of ‘normal’ life.

  • Look after your sleep

It’s very easy to see this as unimportant and a time when you can go to bed late and get up late. For those who suffer with anxiety, or for the people who are worried about friends and family it can be very hard to get a good night’s sleep. The quality of your sleep can make a massive difference in how you feel both mentally and physically. Like with point no. 2 try and make sure to stick to your regular sleeping pattern, keeping to regular hygiene practices can help with this too.

  • Look after your physical wellbeing

For many, the gyms are no longer open to get your daily workout, for others you are only allowed outside once a day so you can no longer get outside as much as you would like. Just know that this doesn’t mean you can no longer look after your physical wellbeing. There are many free ‘at home’ workouts on YouTube, Facebook and other online platforms. Also remember your diet is just as important so remember to eat healthily and drink plenty of water.

These are only a few tips that may help in everyday lives but there are plenty more tips and information on the government website page: gov.uk/coronavirus

God Knows the Plan

As it's stated in Jeremiah 29:11, God knows the plans he has for us. During this time of trouble in the world remember to put your faith in him and use him as your stability and strength when you are going through hard times. But know you do not have to go through this alone, even during isolation, your Liberty Connect Groups are there as a support network and we as a Church will continue to support both members of the church and the members of the community.

Into the Unknown

As time moves forward the only thing that becomes clear is that currently no-one knows when this may end. Making the situation even more unknown.

We encourage you to pray for the leaders of the country who are doing their best to guide us through this pandemic, the local churches who can’t meet regularly but are still doing their best to support the surrounding communities, the workers that still have to go out and risk their safety and prayers for your neighbours, friends, family and everybody else in your world.

Remember it is ok to admit that you are not ok and to pick up the phone to someone in your world to just have a chat.

Most importantly remember that Jesus was sent to conquer all suffering, sickness and even death, so as we walk into the unknown we can do so standing strong in our faith knowing that our God is for us!

Take care Liberty family.

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