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Find Connection

Connect Groups


Liberty connect groups are small gatherings of people who usually meet in-person (online currently) to hang out, discuss a recent Sunday message and pray together.  These gatherings take place every other week in the evening. 

Connect 1:1

Connect 1:1s are for that extra support for individuals during seasons of challenge or change.  Our team members are dedicated to helping you become all you were created to be, no matter what you are going through.


You are not alone, so if you are experiencing a crisis or would simply like someone to talk to in a confidential setting, then get in touch using the form below.

Keys to Freedom


Keys to Freedom is an 8 week course from Mercy UK and is for any age, life stage, gender, new or established believers alike.  The course is not a magic wand to wave over your situation, problems, obstacles and adversities - it’s not a formula to follow that guarantees a comfortable, trouble-free life - but it will empower and inspire you with hope.


The keys to freedom that will be unpacked during this eight week journey will educate, equip, and empower you with tools that, should you continue to use them will bring lasting change and breakthrough. 

To express an interest in the next group - fill out the form below